Job done

A website where recruiters and marketers come together

A job website forms the basis for your entire business. Findability and conversion are the key factors that make all the difference. Why is it so hard to be successful? Because recruiters and marketers don’t work or communicate on the same level. That’s where Booston comes in!

A website where recruiters and marketers work together

Recruitment data always leads the way
Fully linked to your ATS
All-in-one tool
Easily segment jobs
Dynamic scripts
Quickly create new pages

Selection of our best websites.

Less hassle, more focus

Thanks to our smart features, you can recruit even faster and more effectively all by yourself (or with our help). No long setup time needed: our solution is available immediately and without the need for a developer. Job done!

Set up directly with an online marketing expert
Define strategy and communication
Website live? Start your campaign automation right now!

Your corporate identity is safe with us

We’ll ensure everything works and looks exactly how you envision it.

Flexible content management

Our easy-to-use dashboard puts you in full control. For extra recruitment intelligence, you can count on one of our specialists. Job done!

Images are automatically web ready

Images are automatically cropped for you, including Alt-texts for maximum findability.

A smart solution for every journey

Easily create journeys for each channel to maximise conversion!

Optimal scalability

Vacancies are automatically enriched with relevant images, videos, blogs, stories and copy.

Interested? Start with a free online demo, and tell us about your business right away!

We go through the most important functions and benefits that our platform offers in your specific situation. That takes about fifteen minutes. Do not hesitate to contact us today