It’s all about the power of social


You offer attractive work, but you can’t find the perfect candidate? You want to add talent to the workforce, but you don’t know how to reach it? You offer all the right conditions, and yet there’s no match? Social media is key! Traditionally, advertising jobs on Facebook and Instagram took a lot of time, money, and expertise. The Booston recruitment platform automates and optimizes Facebook and Instagram campaigns, and we support you with seductive content. The right candidates will choose you!!

A social strategy that works

Only 20% of your target group is actively looking for a new job. So how do we unlock that hidden 80%? Social media is an excellent solution for this, but it takes time, effort, skills, and money to find qualified candidates on social platforms. The top talent you are looking for has more job opportunities to choose from than ever. To build a strong employer brand and gain your candidates’ trust, you need to make sure that your marketing and recruitment efforts are in sync.

Our platform automatically turns all your vacancy positions into Facebook and Instagram advertisements. You are provided with the right texts, emoticons, images, targeted audiences, and budgets. That saves a lot of time.


Facebook and Instagram campaigns will optimize while you sleep. Our platform examines all the ads within your campaign by CPA (cost per action), likes, share actions and comments. Future advertisements automatically become more and more targeted.


With a smooth and easy candidate journey, candidates are enticed on Facebook or Instagram and apply there. No additional click to a job page needed. Applies are automatically imported to the Booston Dashboard and instantly exported to your ATS if required.

How we work

With our no-fuss solution, we target and entice candidates and automate your job strategy for social media platforms. Need more personalized examples? Don’t hesitate to schedule a free online demo tailored to your situation.

Start today

The Booston tool is ready within the hour. When your jobs are set, Facebook and Instagram campaigns will be created automatically with optimized targeting and content. Adding your content is always an option too!


Has your vacancy expired, or have you found the right candidate? The campaign will act accordingly and pause social job ads. Optimization actions like these are done in dozens of different ways. That’s how to get the most out of every recruitment budget.


At this point, applies are made by the talents you are looking for. You can see them in the Booston Dashboard, or your ATS (Applicant Tracking System). You do the follow-up. Based on your feedback and candidate statuses, Booston will optimize the campaigns continuously.

Unique features


Emojis add a touch of color and a bit of personality to a social post. Sometimes, they convert a message even better than copy. With Booston, you make your job ads more powerful with relevant emoticons automatically.


When multiple team members are working on the same recruiting and hiring campaigns, maintain control with multi-user accounts. Each user has their own unique login, which activates their own level of permissions. Manage budgets, job ads and other tasks more efficiently!

All features

  • Responsive design
    Made for all devices
  • Super fast hosting
  • Custom content management system
    Made for recruiters and marketing professionals
    Full control over texts, video’s and images for every section of the website
  • File editor
    Save your files centralized in the cloud
  • Communication settings
    Set all communication flows, from e-mail, to contact information
    This can be done at scale for all entities at scale such as job (segments), recruiters,  locations, etc.
  • Design setings
    Centralized design settings let you set colors, to logo’s, fonts and default images at scale
  • Full multi-lingual support
  • Google for jobs setup dashboards
    Google for jobs up and running for your case within 10 minutes
  • Content schuedualer
    Have pages, blogs, jobs and so on be activated or paused based on calender settings. Ideal for time-dependant promotions.
  • Manage jobs
  • Manage applies
  • Manage locations
  • Manage recruiters
    or auto-import from ATS
  • Manage stories / testimonials of employees
    Connect these stories to jobs based on attribute selection criteria
  • Manage blogs
  • Manage email templates such as apply thank you pages
  • Manage GDRP / AVG settings
    Legal menu allows to manage and optimize pop-up approval, legal documents and cookie rules at scale
  • Manage pages
  • Manage job attributes and job attribute values
    To be set on the advanced job search
  • Manage location values
    To be set on the advanced job search
  • Manage the advanced search job presentation style
    e.g. job results in blocks, masonry or rows
  • Manage the advanced search job attribute labels & icons
    Control which attribute labels are shown to summarize a job’s content. E.g.: full time, Amsterdam, Automotive, etc.
  • Manage job alert settings
  • Manage job-SEO-templates
    Create meta tag templates based on job attributes
    Optimal SEO-results while recruiters don’t have to worry about meta data if they don’t want to
  • Manage high yielding job group SEO pages
    Consisting of specified jobs via attribute selection targeted at high traffic Google keywords
  • Manage open apply settings
  • Manage datalayers
    For advanced marketing users
  • Automate job presentation
    Set images to jobs based on selected attribures. E.g. carpenter jobs get carpenter imagery
  • Advanced job attribute settings
    Set all job attributes via the dashboard in minutes. E.g. job texts & text headings, categorial attributes (multiselect), location attributes (postal codes, cities, regions, countries, etc.), images, Youtube movies, etc. Scales front-end and backend so you can optimize the job creation steps/time as well.
  • Additional job titles
    Create additional titles for optimal reach in connected marketing modules, such as jobboards
  • Additional job cities
    Create additional cities for optimal reach in connected marketing modules, such as the social job ads module
  • Job boost
    Have recruiters boost jobs in Booston or connected ATS’ which can then be given automated rules such as higher rankings in connected jobboards.
  • Sync jobs & job attributes real time
  • Sync applies real time
  • Import recruiters
  • Import marketing data such as candidate statusses
  • Easy setup
  • Manage ATS rules per attribute
    If you want to manually add data to certain ATS populated attributes you can set this up. Ideal if your ATS doesnt have all neccessary options for online recruitment needs.
  • Manage users
  • Set user roles
    Set rights per dashboard and per role (manager or recruiter) at scale
  • Dynamic dashboards for recruiters
    Automaticaly filter dashboard views for recruiter roles narrowed down to their personal entities. Such as their own: jobs, applications, social ads, etc.

Free online demo

Interested? Schedule a free online demo today. We’ll go through key features and benefits based on your business case and answer all your questions. It takes about 15 minutes. Feel free to contact us TODAY!

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