Recruiting abroad – hassle free – for NED Personnel

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Recruiting abroad – hassle free – for NED Personnel

As a recruitment agency, how do you easily get in touch with professionals abroad? And when you do, how do you distinguish yourself in this competitive landscape? Moreover, how do you gain a candidate’s confidence to take the step to the Netherlands?

These are just some of the challenges NED Personnel had to deal with December 2020. Booston was brought in to facilitate this case. The goal? Targeting and seducing candidates from Poland and Romania to work for employers in The Netherlands.

A new recruitment label was introduced: Ned Work People. Several domains were introduced in collaboration with NED in January to facilitate the new approach:, and These recruitment websites, linked with ATS Carerix, are used as a base for communication with the target audience.

Campaign automation was used to answer the first question: “How do you reach the right professionals?“. One of the campaigns was aimed at recruiting passive job seekers on Instagram and Facebook. Candidates who are not actively looking for a new job, but who are open to a better offer when it presents itself, were targeted in this manner. A big hit as it turned out! This social approach, is discussed in more detail below.

The approach

Not so long ago we wrote about our social recruitment campaigning technology: “How we automated social media job campaigns for bj flexpartners“. Here you can read in more detail how employment agencies use social media automation connected to their back office. Side note: you can also see ‘in depth’ what the actual ROI was for this case…again, hats of to BJ Flexpartners for providing this information.

In short: all current vacancies are updated at any time in Booston. The flow of candidates, their assessments and the final hires are monitored as well. Creating insight in the client’s supply and demand, so to say. This is fundamentally the core of a recruitment marketing case for helping our clients. Bringing recruitment and marketing together.

On top of this core, marketing modules are activated. The social media job ads module was one of those modules NED used for their business case.

  1. A Facebook or Instagram ad is created automatically for all active jobs. Provided with content such as images and texts, but also relevant targeting. E.g. targeting on region, skills and so on.
  2. Recruiters then publish said ads with the push of a button. Extensive knowledge on this subject is no longer needed. Focus instead can be given where it’s needed: enticing propositions!
  3. Reports keep track of which ads generate response and eventual hires. This information is used to continuously improve the campaign also providing ongoing evidence and confidence in its success.
  4. When a job gets paused in the ATS connected Booston campaigns will be paused as well. Not a click is waisted that way.

Collin Regter
Commercieel Directeur NED. Personeel

“In practice this meant our coworkers (recruiters) create vacancies. For instance a logistics vacancy in our Carerix ATS. This vacancy will then be pushed live to the Booston website. At the same time the vacancy is visible on timelines of Polish employees that meet the requirements: experience in logistics, several years of work experience and located in Polish regions we know will deliver the best results. Candidates follow up with low treshhold apply methods.

How we gather this knowledge? The Booston reports show the entire candidate journey. I can check the hires for instance and see which media channels they were accumulated from.

A well written vacancy makes the proposition immediately clear. The conditions are excellent and NED arranges all administrative needs: transport, accommodation, insurance, etc.

The candidate can actually get started right away. That really was necessary to gain confidence.

Naturally, the subsequent steps are key to keep the gained confidence. The candidate flow into our ATS Carerix automatically. Further contacts and timely follow-up are structured subsequently by the appointed recruiter.

The future

Lotte van Nederlassel
PR Medewerker

“We already had experience recruiting Polish and Romanian candidates. What changed was the direct control over the online process. With Booston we have control over the job message, its reach with the target audiance. The work flow is really optimized as well, which saves loads of time.

This is way faster than before. We used to do this manually and therefore way more generalized (and thus with lesser results). A specialized marketing agency would set our ads. How this worked: a recruiter co-worker would message me for social updates. I passed the information along to the agency in a centralized manner. Within days the ad would be live. Communication back and forth would go in a similar way.

So, despite the good care, you are always one step behind. Sometimes hours, sometimes days. Unnecessary communication is streamlined and advertising budget saved.

We still have much to learn, but the first hires were quickly achieved. This has proven to be successful for us!

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