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Google Analytics

Implementing Google Analytics on your careers or recruitment website is crucial to gaining complete insight into your visitors' behavior from source to placement. By using this powerful analytics tool, you can see exactly how candidates find your website, which pages they visit, and what actions they take. This enables you to optimize your recruitment strategies, refine your marketing efforts, and ultimately improve the effectiveness of your recruitment processes. In this article, we guide you step by step in setting up Google Analytics so that you can gain the valuable insights needed for successful recruiting.


  • Create Property
  • Set Up Data Stream
  • Custom Definitions
  • Data Settings

1. Create Property

  1. Admin
  • + Create
  • Property
Create Property
Admin > "+ Create" > Property

  • Property Name (e.g.,
  • Time Zone: Netherlands
  • Currency: Euro

Describe your business + Business objectives

  • Job vacancies and training
  • Generate leads - Stimulate online sales - Research user behavior

Start collecting data

  • Web

2. Set Up Data Stream

  1. Set up data stream
    1. Enter URL (e.g.,
    2. Name of the stream (e.g.,
  2. Web stream details
    1. Enter MeetingsID in Booston General Settings dashboard
    2. API secrets for measurement protocol
    3. Review and confirm terms
    4. Create
    5. Name: “Booston” -> Enter secret value in Booston dashboard

In your Booston environment, go to Settings > General and enter the measurement ID and API secrets for the Measurement Protocol.

3. Custom Definitions

Data View > Custom Definitions

Dimension Name + Description     Scope                            Parameter                               
action Event action
category Event category
job_id Event job_id
job_recruiter Event job_recruiter
job_title Event job_title
label Event label
transaction_id Event transaction_id
type Event type
job_position User job_position
user_id User vis_id

  • Go to > Custom Metrics
Dimension Name + Description    Scope                              Parameter
value Event value / currency (both options enabled)

4. Data Settings

  • Data Settings
    • Data Collection
      • Data Collection by Google Signals
      • Enable
      • Enable
    • Data Retention
      • 14 months

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