The no fuss Google for Jobs solution

75% of job seekers start their job search on Google. That’s huge! Google for Jobs changed the job search process. When done right, it connects you with the right job seeker every time. The questions that remain: is your job description ready for that? Is your website technology? Or don’t you have a sound Google for jobs strategy set up to maximize your reach and applies? Booston automates the Google for job process. Connect your job (database) today and start optimizing immediately.

It’s all about a candidate-first approach

Google for Jobs could help you reach thousands of more talents every year. Google will show your job postings directly in its search engine. Ranked above SEO results from the big boys: job boards and larger niche-operating agencies. A huge opportunity for employers and agencies to outrank the competition.

Google’s ranking factors relate to the comprehensiveness of your job posting details, like the role description, accurate salary bracket, and an exact job location. Google’s AI does the rest. We are matching the best possible candidates for your job post. We set you up in minutes and automize these underlying technical requirements so you can focus on the best possible content.

Easy to create

Set up directly on your dashboard. So no unforeseen development costs. You create awesome job-content, we take care of the rest!

Holistic approach

Do you want the whole shebang? Combine social media, job board postings, optimized recruitment website and marketing reports. Want to connect your ATS to the Google for jobs module? We have a simple solution for that too! The Google for Jobs-module integrates seemlessly with all other Booston-solutions.

How we work

With our no-fuss solution, we target, entice, and automate your recruitment strategy for Google for Jobs. What does Google for Jobs mean for recruitment? Find out in a free demo tailored to your situation.

Step by step

Do you want your vacancies posted on Google today? We’ll guide you through the setup and know all requirements when it comes to adding structured data. We understand: this might sounds scary if you don’t have a passion for technology. No worries! After the setup Google for jobs just works for every job you create now or in the future.

Optimize your vacancies

The ‘R’ of relevance. That’s what it’s all about at Google. This also applies to Google for Jobs. Only the most relevant vacancies rank high and get all the visitors. We help you with practical tips and working methods to get this done. Do you want to get started with this yourself? Then read our blog with many useful tips.


We provide every customer with marketing and recruitment reports that measure the entire candidate journey. One of these reports is entirely focused on Google for Jobs. This way, we can see whether your job postings perform optimally.

Unique features

A single dashboard approach

To make your vacancy visible on Google for Jobs, you must let Google know that it’s a job posting. How? By adding the information on your vacancy page “structured” for the search engine. You need to label all parts of your job postings as such. For example, Google knows that the piece of text “rough carpenter” or “joister” really concerns the Title and is not part of the rest of the job description.

The technical part? Booston solves that for you. You just need to check it in the settings menu. From that moment on, your job postings will be indexed by Google for jobs, and all information entered in the dashboard will be tracked as structured data.

All features

  • Google for jobs setup dashboards
    Google for jobs up and running for your case within 10 minutes
  • Autopost all jobs to Google for jobs
  • Super fast hosting
  • File editor
    Save your files centralized in the cloud
  • Communication settings
    Set all communication flows, from e-mail, to contact information
    This can be done at scale for all entities at scale such as job (segments), recruiters,  locations, etc.
  • Design setings
    Centralized design settings let you set colors, to logo’s, fonts and default images at scale
  • Full multi-lingual support
  • Google for jobs schuedualer
    Have jobs be activated or paused based on calender settings. Ideal for time-dependant promotions.
  • Manage jobs
  • Manage applies
  • Manage locations
  • Manage recruiters
    or auto-import from ATS
  • Manage stories / testimonials of employees
    Connect these stories to jobs based on attribute selection criteria
  • Manage email templates such as apply thank you pages
  • Manage GDRP / AVG settings
    Legal menu allows to manage and optimize pop-up approval, legal documents and cookie rules at scale
  • Automate job presentation
    Set images to jobs based on selected attribures. E.g. carpenter jobs get carpenter imagery
  • Advanced job attribute settings
    Set all job attributes via the dashboard in minutes. E.g. job texts & text headings, categorial attributes (multiselect), location attributes (postal codes, cities, regions, countries, etc.), images, Youtube movies, etc. Scales front-end and backend so you can optimize the job creation steps/time as well.
  • Additional job titles
    Create additional titles for optimal reach in connected marketing modules, such as jobboards
  • Additional job cities
    Create additional cities for optimal reach in connected marketing modules, such as the social job ads module
  • Job boost
    Have recruiters boost jobs in Booston or connected ATS’ which can then be given automated rules such as higher rankings in connected jobboards.
  • Sync jobs & job attributes real time
  • Sync applies real time
  • Import recruiters
  • Import marketing data such as candidate statusses
  • Easy setup
  • Manage ATS rules per attribute
    If you want to manually add data to certain ATS populated attributes you can set this up. Ideal if your ATS doesnt have all neccessary options for online recruitment needs.
  • Manage users
  • Set user roles
    Set rights per dashboard and per role (manager or recruiter) at scale
  • Dynamic dashboards for recruiters
    Automaticaly filter dashboard views for recruiter roles narrowed down to their personal entities. Such as their own: jobs, applications, social ads, etc.

Free online demo

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