Job done

Guaranteed the best social media campaigns

Booston automates your campaigns and helps you create enticing content. Text elements, emojis, images, target groups and budgets are selected fully automatically. That will save you a lot of time!

A strategy that connects with what candidates truly want

Targeting with exceptional precision
Apply with just one click
Campaigns learn from your feedback
Fully linked to your ATS

Target, attract and automate. It's as simple as that

And it is not just about that small group of candidates looking for a new job. It is the silent majority that you have to wake up in the right way.

Create vacancies or automatically read them in from your ATS
Automatically convert to usable campaigns
Make final adjustments and publish

All social media campaigns under one roof

From our dashboard, you can quickly see how your campaigns are doing, 24 hours a day. Want to make adjustments? Booston will do it for you!

Campaigns are linked to vacancies

Do you want to pause a vacancy, for example? Then the campaign will stop automatically. Does someone respond to a vacancy on Facebook? You will see their reaction immediately in your dashboard.

Gain control over your costs

Spend exactly what you want - per vacancy and per recruiter - and maximise your online conversions. This way you can manage your CPH (Cost Per Hire).

Self-learning campaigns

Facebook and Instagram campaigns are automatically generated and provided with optimised content.

Interested? Start with a free online demo, and tell us about your business right away!

We go through the most important functions and benefits that our platform offers in your specific situation. That takes about fifteen minutes. Do not hesitate to contact us today