Job done

Commit to a clear job board strategy

Candidates are spread over many job boards. Surveying them all separately costs a lot of money and takes a lot of time. With Booston, you will immediately have a view of all of them. How? All job boards are linked to one clear dashboard. What will this lead to? Higher conversions, more applicants and a lower Cost Per Hire (CPH).

Algorithms locate the best candidates

Clear reports for greater insight into performances
Less effort, more results
Standard access to 30 job boards
Create feeds for your own job boards - free of charge

A better job board strategy in no-time

By streamlining all your marketing activities and candidate journeys, you have an approach that is much easier to manage.

Thanks to auto-posting, you will always have an optimal strategy
You know exactly how the individual job boards are performing
New applications are immediately visible and linked to your ATS

Lead pages

With lead pages, you can link relevant vacancies to the right job boards ensuring even more engagement.

Budget distribution

Booston helps you allocate your budget across all relevant job boards.

One budget for everything

With a single budget and without paying for all kinds of subscriptions, you will get the best results.

Link your job board accounts

Do you already have accounts on job boards? Then simply connect them to our platform with the custom channels-option.

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