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How we automated social media job campaigns for BJ Flexpartners

Nick Broekman
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How do you quickly reach suitable potential employees on the internet? For both employers with a constant need for new staff and professional recruiters, this is a question of strategic importance.

These days, the shortage on the employment market is serious. There are simply not enough active job seekers to meet demand, which makes it important to entice candidates who are not actively looking for work. A vast ‘latent target audience’ can be reached through social channels such as Facebook and Instagram, but running an effective campaign is as complicated as it is time-consuming.

One of the main challenges is making sure that your ever-changing assortment of available jobs is accurately represented by your social media campaigns. How do you avoid wasting money on expired job ads?

To complicate things further, knowledge relevant to recruitment campaigns is often spread out across two different roles: on the one hand, there’s a marketeer who specializes in targeting and setting up campaigns, on the other hand, there’s a recruiter who is up to date on personnel needs.

These challenges were acutely felt by BJ Flexpartners, and that’s why Booston was approached to help streamline this agency’s social media campaigns through automatization.

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The set up phase

Our first step was to establish a software link between BJ Flexpartners’ applicant tracking system (ATS) and the social media channel used for posting job ads and receiving applications. With our Booston Dashboard, this ATS connection was created in no time. Now, when job ads are altered in Carerix ATS, Booston automatically updates the corresponding social media campaigns. All in real-time.

‘With Booston’s campaign automation, posting job ads has become a piece of cake. We can preselect the content and targeting that goes with each job type, and after that, putting individual job ads online is a matter of one single click. This saves me a lot of time, and it gets me a ton of extra applications!’
– Mariska Massink, recruiter at BJ Flexpartners

Our next step was to set up a social campaign for BJ Flexpartners. The result? Social job ads are now 95% ready to go at any time. Images, textual elements and (hyper)targeting settings are automatically chosen by our software. BJ Flexpartners has auto-generated hundreds of job ads through Booston at this point. Now that’s a timesaver.

Once a broad and highly targeted campaign concept has been generated, all a recruitment professional has to do is optimize before launch. The time saved can now be used to give individual job ads the attention they deserve. Of course, previews are available that show exactly what those jobs ads will look like on social media.

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As you can see, the process we offer doesn’t require the input of a marketeer. All can be handled by recruitment professionals, who are, after all, the people who really understand a company’s personnel needs and the unique characteristics of each job position.

Empower your recruiters

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The job ad pictured above features text and emojis auto-selected for optimal relevance and readability. A recruiter can take a concept like this and finetune it before launching. Do you want to change an image or add extra points of description? All elements are fully customizable, and Booston will gladly guide you through the optimization process.

At this point, publishing the ad on social media is a matter of hitting a button. As with Booston’s multiposter tool for job boards, everything is quick and easy as can be.

Candidate journey

A candidate journey comprises all the interactions a job seeker has with your employer brand up to the moment of getting hired. Obviously, BJ Flexpartners wants this journey to be as smooth as possible.

Let’s examine the candidate journey that Booston facilitates on social media. Pictured below is a targeted job ad for a chauffeur in the Leerdam region (images 1, 2 and 3). After a candidate clicks the respond button, Facebook brings up an abbreviated application form (image 4). This form, which can be given a personal touch by the recruiter, reiterates some basic information about the job and collects information about the applicant. Most of the personal details required for this ‘mini-application’ are prefilled, as they are already known to Facebook or Instagram.

Now, the chauffeur need only click a button to complete the mini-application. A personal thank-you message from the recruiter is displayed (image 5), and the candidate can proceed to the company website to view the full job ad and apply with a resume.

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The resume is left out of the mini-application process for a reason: we focus on latent candidates who are unlikely to have a resume that’s ready to go. Rather, Booston approaches applicants with a follow-up email that reminds them to supply their resume as soon as possible.

One of Booston’s unique features is that all mini-applications are instantly imported into the Booston Dashboard.

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In the case of BJ Flexpartners, the application is also automatically fed into the Carerix ATS. Booston tracks each candidate’s entire trajectory from beginning to end, making it instantly clear which job ads are actually bringing in new hires.

Let's talk brass tax

We’ll walk you through the results achieved with Booston, so that you get a sense of the advantage this type of campaign offers over a traditional social media campaign.

  1. Social media ads can be published online and taken offline with incredible speed. Because job ads are only online when they are open, they remain ultra-relevant. Media fatigue among users is a serious obstacle for any social media campaign. Booston helps you circumvent this problem by keeping all your postings as fresh as possible. That’s how you get results!
  2. Because we use location and candidate profiles as targeting criteria, Booston campaigns are also highlyspecific. If you’re looking for a carpenter in Eindhoven, you will only reach carpenters in Eindhoven. This super-targeted approach saves you a lot of money.
  3. Approving and optimizing your job ads can be left to your recruiters, who no longer need to confer with co-workers in the marketing department. This means that they can now use their expertise to its full advantage. The result are ads that are truly enticing.

Like any Booston client, BJ Flexpartners enjoys the benefits of detailed recruitment reports that offer insight into campaign performance.

  • Average cost per candidate: EUR 1.50
  • Boost in applications (compared to a manual campaign with a similar budget): +350%
  • Average number of daily reactions: 28
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Dank aan BJ Flexpartners dat we deze data mochten delen!

Wrapping up

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