Job done

A website that turns recruiters into marketers

Recruiters like you know what new vacancies are out there, where candidates are needed and what jobs are coming up. At the same time, you don’t want to be dependent on the marketer. What you really need is a website that doesn't make you wait. That’s exactly what a Booston website offers!

Website, campaign and optimisation in one tool

Optimise your candidate journey
Easily target candidates
Post directly to dozens of job boards
See messages coming in and respond
Fully linked to your ATS

Recruiting on autopilot

Being able to switch whenever you want will lead to better results and time savings. That's exactly what you’ll find when you run campaigns with our all-in-one-tool. With our tool, almost everything can be automated!

Create vacancies or load them automatically from your ATS
Automatically convert to usable campaigns
Make final adjustments and publish

All campaigns under one roof

All linked to your vacancies and ready to be deployed.

Employer branding

Brand consistency is extremely important. Booston takes care of that as well, with one sleek style in line with a set brand book.

Manage your costs

Spend exactly what you want and maximise your online influx.

Extremely high conversion rates

Achieve maximum conversion through smart, easy-to-manage candidate journeys and short application flows.

Interested? Start with a free online demo, and tell us about your business right away!

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