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As the #1 recruitment marketing platform, we reduce costs in marketing time up to 80%. Top-rated applies are boosted on average by 300%. How? Our software automates repetitive marketing tasks and increases your job visibility on relevant channels that make all the difference. Check out how we can Target and Entice candidates and Automate your recruitment story starting today.



You can’t buy time, but you can build a strong platform

Are you always in need of new talent, but simply not finding it? Potential candidates are spread all over the internet: Facebook, Google, Instagram, LinkedIn, and dozens of job boards. Only 20% of your target audience is actively looking for a new job. Let’s unlock the other 80% and outsmart the competition.

You need to target your audience at the right time, tell an enticing story and automate your marketing so this process becomes more effective. Does it feel impossible without a dedicated team of marketers, recruiters, and web developers to continuously manage your campaigns? We’ve got your back. No fuss: start today.


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Our targeting algorithms are optimized for each media channel. Spend less time and money by narrowing down your targeting untill you reach the talents that matter most.


A Facebook job ad is one of the go-to choices for recruiters. Creating, monitoring, and optimizing can take hours. Design truly fit-for-channel campaigns automatically for your vacancy positions with our Facebook job ads module. Publish a Facebook ad with one click and auto-pause when vacancies are filled. Effective advertising without the fuss. Learn more


Instagram and Facebook run on the same advertising platform. That means you can build super-targeted audiences for your Instagram campaigns. Like the Facebook job ads module, the Instagram job ads module makes your job ads more powerful with relevant emoticons automatically. Publish a job ad with just a single click. Learn more


Make your vacancy positions visible for job searches on Google. Add structured data to your job postings. Also, only well-written and enticing vacancies – including information about the paycheck, location, and employment agreement – will be listed at the top of Google’s search results. Booston offers optimal support in both areas. Start dominating Google for jobs today! Learn more


Do you want to push all your job postings to Facebook’s job board? We’ve got you covered. Changes you make to published postings are automatically synced to Facebook. Learn more


Do you use – and spend money on – job boards like Indeed or Monster? Chances are costs per candidate are too high, and response is too low. Sounds familiar? Use our ‘network of job boards’-module and only boost the job postings when needed. At the right time and in the right place. Learn more


How do you build a strong employer brand? With an enticing candidate journey. That’s why we integrated everything you need to seduce your target audience. From high-conversion lead pages to importing candidates directly from one-click applies on external platforms like Instagram. Want a full recruitment website? We’ve got you covered. Our platform has smart integrated modules to tell your story whether you’re a staffer or agency.

Booston provides our online candidate intake. Our collaboration resulted in 1000+ responses per month on average. (insane!) The reports show exactly which actions work and which did not. With Booston, we're finally finding the talents we're looking for.

Elmar Vissers, CEO

After a two-month pilot, we immediately continued using Booston. The vacancies and candidates are linked to our Carerix ATS. So all our jobs, applies and marketing data are synced automatically. This resulted in 100 additional candidates per month and measurable hires visible in the Booston reports. Great!

Johan van de Veerdonk, CEO

Together with Booston we’ve created The first career website that fully integrated the EasyCruit ATS with Booston’s ATS Connector. The Booston recruitment machine connects seamlessly to our HR division. We reduced recruitment time with 20% based on administrative overhead alone!

Sven Dekkers, Recruiter


How to market a job AND recruit top talent? When we say we’re serious about ‘NO-FUSS’ recruitment marketing, we mean it! With our tools, you streamline or automate repetitive marketing tasks in a heartbeat and recruit loyal talent. We offer time-saving tools to reduce manual labor. Clear marketing reports will help you stretch your recruitment budget. Without losing sight of the human dimension.

ATS Connector

The best way to make your Applicant Tracking System (ATS) work for you? We deliver seamless integration of your ATS with our platform to sync job postings, applications, and marketing data. Make your recruitment easy as can be. No fuss! Learn more

Marketing automation

We use recruiter interaction about candidates combined with likes, shares, and comments to optimize campaigns further. Future advertisements get even more effective this way. Save time and advertising costs from day 1!

Bring teams together

Do you want to close the gap between marketing and recruitment activities? With our platform, recruiters turn into skilled marketeers who attract great employees. Recruiters can develop strong campaigns without a fuss. Booston unlocks your company’s true potential!


The best insights from your recruiting activities? Our reports let you keep tabs on the entire candidate journey. From first engagement to hire. Integrates seamlessly with your website and ATS as well! Learn more

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